Imagens da sessão que decorreu em Vila do Bispo © Jorge Pereira

Territory is a performative action by Jorge Rocha, that based on the collection of information on the Gastronomy related to a specific territory, develops an approach of gastronomic crossroads between the ingredients we suppose are originally connected to that territory, and the other flavors introduced by people who passed by there.
At each site a survey is developed, which involves the PALATO team and researchers connected to each space. Historians, Geographers, Biologists and other Scientists are invited to participate, by introducing relevant issues that will be discussed later in an operation that develops as a Talk Show, where live cooking takes place while having a conversation.
Focusing the discussion on a principle of interpretation of the surrounding territory in every venue of the action, a menu is set that serves as a guide for the event, crossing the knowledge and the flavors associated with the site, and providing the audience a sensitive experience anchored with active participation.
The action has live broadcast in the www.palato.org site, and the physical and virtual public is given the opportunity to intervene and participate in the debate.
This action is designed to happen in both outdoor and enclosed spaces, such as Cultural Centers, Interpretation Centers, Museums and other places.

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