Território: sweets and confectioners in Lagos Arte Doce


Território: sweets and confectioners is a gastronomical talk show, which addresses issues related to the territory of Lagos, focusing on the practice of confectioners, regional sweets and agricultural production. The session will be led by Jorge Rocha and has the participation of the confectioner Andreia Gomes (Barão Doce) and Barbara Pimenta (Quinta das Alagoas).

Organized within the Feira Concurso ARTE DOCE / 2015 which this year has the theme “Lagos: Memories of the City” and which takes place between 24th and 26th of July at the Municipal Pavilion of Lagos. The session will take place on July 26th by 8.30 p.m. and will be broadcast live on www.palato.org site, and physical and virtual public is given the opportunity to intervene and participate in the debate.

Centering the discourse on a principle of interpretation of the surrounding territory, for every venue of the action is set a menu that serves as a guide of the event, crossing the knowledge and the flavors associated with the territory and providing to the public a sensitive experience anchored in the active participation of it .

Território is a project from PALATO promoted by RIZOMA LAB and organized in Lagos in partnership with the Lagos Municipality.

PALATO is a platform that connects projects of artistic and scientific creation in the fields of Art, Gastronomy and Heritage.

PALATO team:
Artistic coordenator: Jorge Rocha
Scientific coordinator: Elena Morán
Production: Carmo Serpa
Production and communication assistant: Luísa Rosa Baptista

An initiative by:

In partnership with:


Logo-nome   Barão Doce principal

Free entry
Pavilhão Municipal de Lagos
Locations (ver mapa)
Live broadcast: www.palato.org/transmissao
More details www.palato.org or by e-mail palato@rizomalab.pt

Phone contacts: Carmo Serpa – 964735536 (Production)
Luisa Baptista – 966803707 (Press)

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