«When shall we live, if not now?” asked Seneca before a table laid for his pleasure and his friends’. It is a question whose answer is almost too easily precluded. When indeed? We are alive, and now. When else live, and how more pleasantly than supping with sweet comrades?

M.F.K. Fisher in The Art of Eating

TAVOLO is a performative tour that explores the question of the philosopher Seneca, quoted by M.F.K. Fisher, providing participants with an artistic and gastronomic experience in the geography of a city, placing the physical and virtual world in touch through a web broadcast via smartphone, interacting with the diffusion mechanisms in the network and the public involved.

Walking through the urban fabric, it maps products, smells, tastes and cultures that bind in places such as markets, food shops or simply on the streets. It is a sensitive experience that calls various types of viewers to participate in a tour where you create an imaginary cartography of the flavors of a city and its history and associated cultures.

It is also a laboratory, where without a preset menu the collected products are tried and through them different cultural meanings are created, ending in a banquet where everyone gathers at the same table that ran through the city.

This performative action beyond the route also takes place in cultural spaces (usually gallery spaces or cultural centers), where an artistic installation is set up, consisting of a white fabric laid on the floor together with 9 aprons, and a multimedia projection on the wall. This may also occur with other settings, particularly in open spaces such as squares, in which case the conditions will be adapted to the specific location.

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