Steinbeisser Gastronomia Experimental em Lisboa – 1ª Edição

Newsletter 11

The first edition of Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy in Lisbon is an experimental food event where a five course plant-based menu is being served made of local ingredients from organic and mostly biodynamic quality.

For this edition Eugenia Varatojo is going to be our guest-chef curating the menu. Maki Okamoto will provide the experimental eating tools to challenge the eating experience in a thought-provoking style.

A 5 course menu will be served for €27 per person.
There is room for 25 guests per evening.

Friday 13 September, Saturday 14 September and Sunday 15 September at 19:00

Steinbeisser at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal
Rua Anchieta 5 – 2º Esquerdo in Lisbon

To participate, please make your reservation: |

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