Conductive landscapes


Conductive Landscapes
by Jorge Rocha
in collaboration with Ricardo Soares and Elena Morán


CECAL – Centro de Experimentação e Criação Artística de Loulé
July 8 to September 3

Opens July 8th at 19h

Entre 2013 e 2015 o artista Jorge Rocha realizou uma série de acções performativas, Cozinhando na Paisagem em diversos sítios históricos e arqueológicos do Algarve, sempre acompanhado pelo arqueólogo e fotógrafo Ricardo Soares e pela arqueóloga Elena Morán.

Between 2013 and 2015 artist Jorge Rocha made a series of performative actions, Cooking in the landscape in various historical and archaeological sites in the Algarve, always helped by archaeologist and photographer Ricardo Soares and the archeologist Elena Morán.

Between 2013 and 2014 the PALATO team presented in many historical monuments and places of Algarve, making Talk Shows that beyond the event, also were intended to broadcast the sessions in pictures of landscapes in fixed plan that were so available online at
These landscapes are now gathered for the first time, in an exhibition that presents itself as an experimental artistic document installed in the space of CECAL.

CECAL – Centro de Experimentação e Criação Artística de Loulé

Parque Municipal
Tuesdays to Saturdays / 11h00-14h00 e 15h00-19h00 / Tel.: 289463982





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