Featured Sweets and confectioners in the Territory which took place in Lagos

A sweet Territory is the least that can be said of this latest performative action: sweets and confectioners of Lagos was the subject that brought together history and tradition with the local cuisine, this time devoted to sweets and parallel activities related to it.
Around 20:30 in Sunday July 26, we put the green towel on the table of the Feira de Arte Doce room with all the ingredients to perform three original recipes by artist Jorge Rocha.
The talk show also had as guests the confectioner Andreia Gomes (Barão Doce) who performed live cooking of Dom Rodrigo and Barbara Pimenta (Quinta das Alagoas) that brought the traditional mats of reeds used in drying figs and a demonstration of how to do the same.
With a very full and participatory audience, this was the part that motivated the audience with spontaneous participation of those who wanted to know and who wanted to teach, with the help of Mr. Adelino River and Doña Leontina who told the stories and ways of making use of treadmills.

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