Cooking in the landscape

paisagensThis is an artistic project of Jorge Rocha which operates on the platform of PALATO. This is a performative action about historical and archaeological sites. A culinary show that takes place in locations with a landscape in the background, addressing issues that place the food of each era in a cross with the eating habits of contemporary society.
In each historic site, an improvised infrastructure is set where the artist, together with researchers of each monument, develops a performative action in a Talk Show format, live cooking broadcast on the Internet, assuming the physical and virtual public as participants in the artistic creation process.
Starting with a menu inspired by the lines between History and Archeology, the unique characteristics of each site are considered, and the Landscape, Heritage and Social Factors are valued. Each session is preceded by a spoken tour to the site, developed in collaboration with the entities responsible for each historic site.
All sessions are broadcast live, resulting in a series of virtual landscapes stored on the PALATO channel, which are the focus of ongoing artistic investigation.
The year 2015 brings the realization of a series of performative actions, culminating in an exhibition where the work will be presented.

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Exhibition Leading Landscapes to visit until the end of the year

The exhibition Leading Landscapes – 2nd act by Jorge Rocha in collaboration with Ricardo Soares and Elena Morán opened last November 12 in the Interpretation Center of Vila do Bispo, in an initiative of RIZOMA LAB and the Municipal Council of Vila do Bispo with the support of 365 ALGARVE program.

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Conductive landscapes

Conductive Landscapes by Jorge Rocha in collaboration with Ricardo Soares and Elena Morán   CECAL – Centro de Experimentação e Criação Artística de Loulé July 8 to September 3 Opens July 8th at 19h Entre 2013 e 2015 o artista Jorge Rocha realizou uma série de acções performativas, Cozinhando na Paisagem em…

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Cooking in the Landscape takes place in Vila do Bispo municipality, more precisely in the monument Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe near raposeira, on the 18th of October, at 4.00 p.m. Previously, at 3.30 p.m. will happen a guided tour by Manuel Castelo Ramos to this XV century monument linked to theage of portuguese discoveries. It is also an opportunity to attend to the last Cooking in the Landscape in 2015, which featured eight actions between Algarve and Alentejo.

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Cooking in the Landscape in the Monastery Flor da Rosa

The Cooking in the landscape will be in Alentejo, more specifically in the Municipality of Crato – Flor da Rosa Parish to carry out another performative action in the National Monument, the Monastery of Santa Maria Flor da Rosa. The action takes place on 29 August at 18.30 near the Monastery, preceded by guider tour at 6 pm by historian Ana Cristina Pais.

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