Cooking in the Landscape Summer 2015


Photo by Ricardo Soares

COOKING IN THE LANDSCAPE by the artist Jorge Rocha will take place in different places in Algarve (Paleolithic Shelter in Vale de Boi, Salir Castle, Monte Molião, Olhão Markets, Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and Alentejo (Monastery of Santa Maria Flor de Rosa) in a partnership between PALATO and various entities.

Cooking in the Landscape integrates the PALATO project and it is a performative action on historical and archaeological sites, a gastronomic talk show format that takes place in places with a landscape in the background, addressing issues that cross Gastronomy from different periods with the eating habits of the contemporary society.

In each historical place we set up an improvised infrastructure where the artist, together with researchers from every monument, develops a performative action in a talk show format, live cooking and live broadcasting into the Internet, assuming the physical and virtual public as participants in the artistic creation process.

Starting from an inspired menu by the lines of history and archeology, the unique characteristics of each site are considered and the landscaped, equity and social factors enriched. Each session is preceded by a guided tour to the place, developed in collaboration with the entities responsible for each historical site.

All sessions are transmitted direct online in, resulting in a set of virtual landscapes stored in the Channel site PALATO, which are the focus of ongoing artistic investigation.

Performative actions: 6.30 p.m
Guided tours: 6 p.m

16th – Cooking in the Landscape in the Paleolithic Shelter of Vale de Boi

Vila do Bispo County | Guided tour departing from Vale de Boi Church
Local partners: Municipality of Vila do Bispo, Algarve University – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, ICArEHB – Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and the Evolution of Human Behaviour.

22nd – Cooking in the Landscape in the Castle of Salir
Loulé | Guided tour departing from Polo Museológico Salir
Local partners: Municipality of Loulé with the support of Salir Parish Council

26th- Cooking in the Landscape on Monte Molião
Municipality of Lagos
Local partners: Municipality of Lagos and UNIARQ

29th- Cooking in the Landscape in the Monastery of Santa Maria Flor de Rosa
Municipality of Crato
Local partners: Municipality of Crato, Alentejo Regional Directorate of Culture with support of Pousada de Crato – Flor da Rosa

6th – Cooking at the Landscape in Olhão Market
Municipality of Olhão
5.30 p.m – Guided tour departing from the Municipal Museum / Compromisso Maritimo
6 p.m – performative action
Local partner: Municipality of Olhão

18th – Cooking in the landscape in the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Vila do Bispo County
3.30 p.m – Guided tour
4 p.m – performative action
Local partner: Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture

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PALATO team:
Artistic coordination: Jorge Rocha
Scientific Coordination: Elena Morán
Production: Carmo Serpa
Communication: Luisa Rosa Baptista
Photography: Ricardo Soares

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Phone contacts: Carmo Serpa – 964735536 (Production)
Luisa Baptista – 966803707 (Press)

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