Cozinhando na Paisagem terá lugar no Castelo de Aljezur

The performative action Cooking in the Landscape by Jorge Rocha takes place next August 31 at 6.30pm in Aljezur Castle with the participation of the historian Natércia Magalhães and archaeologist Silvina Silverio and has the support of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture.

Cooking in the landscape is part of the project and has been develop in the Algarve monuments. The initiative explores the intersection between art, gastronomy and heritage, focusing its action on food associated with each historic site.

At each site we setup a makeshift infrastructure where the artist together with researchers, does a performative action in a talk show format, cooking and broadcasting live on the Internet, with the physical and virtual public in synesthesia.

After having performed in Alcalar Megalithic Monuments, the Villa Romana Milreu and in Lagos City Wall, the performative will now take place in Aljezur Castle with the participation of the historian Natércia Magalhães and archaeologist Silvina Silverio, preceded by a guided tour to Aljezur Castle by Rui Parreira.

From the food we will discuss the Islamic occupation of Aljezur Castle, chronologically marked out between the eighth century and the first half of XIII, covering among other things the direct relations with the phases of archaeological excavations where were found silos in the soil, where they used to store food.

The PALATE ocuses on the intersection between art, cuisine and heritage and emerging from a pure virtual space, enhances the dissemination and artistic and scientific creation.

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