Cozinhando na Paisagem realiza-se nas Muralhas de Lagos


The performative action Cooking in the Landscape by Jorge Rocha takes place July 30th at 7pm in the Lagos City Walls with the participation of historian Rui Loureiro and archaeologist Rui Parreira.

Cooking in the landscape is part of PALATO project  and since April have been developed in the Algarve monuments. This initiative explores the relationships between art, cuisine and heritage, crossing gathered information from the particularities of each historic site, including the gastronomic issues we can extract.

Starting from a menu set from references we can found in between the lines of archeology, and taking into account the unique characteristics of each site, we aim to value landscape and heritage factors and enhance the artistic creation.

At each site we setup a makeshift infrastructure where the artist together with researchers, develops a performative action in a talk show format, where he live cooks and broadcast on the Internet, placing the physical and virtual public in synesthesia.

After having performed in Alcalar Megalithic Monuments and Roman Villa of Milreu, the performative action will now take place in Lagos City Walls (in City Park), with the participation of historian Rui Loureiro and archaeologist Rui Parreira, being preceded by a guided tour of the Lagos City Walls by archaeologist Rui Parreira.

The Lagos Walls is a sixteenth-century fortification, built as coastal stronghold, which confirms the importance of  maritime industries of Lagos in the golden Age of Discovery, impregnating today’s city’s image and its urban organization.


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