Cooking in the Landscape in the Monastery Flor da Rosa


by Jorge Rocha with participation of Ana Cristina Pais and Teresa Matos Fernandes
August 29th 2015

When: August 29th at 6.30 p.m
Guided Tour: 6.00 p.m
Invited Researhers: Ana Cristina Pais and Teresa Matos Fernandes
Organized by: Rizoma Lab, Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo and Município do Crato

The Cooking in the landscape will be in Alentejo, more specifically in the Municipality of Crato – Flor da Rosa Parish to carry out another performative action in the National Monument, the Monastery of Santa Maria Flor da Rosa. The action takes place on 29 August at 18.30 near the Monastery, preceded by guider tour at 6 pm by historian Ana Cristina Pais.

In the municipality of Crato is located the Monastery of Santa Maria Flor da Rosa and this will be the stage for one more performative action, adressing the investigations of the monument, his epoch and the people who lived there. So the menu is inspired by medieval times but not without considering the references that today makes up the local cuisine. Together with this action designed and developed by Jorge Rocha we will have two invited guestas, Ana Cristina Parents and Teresa Fernandes. There will also be the opportunity to participate in a guided tour and get to know more about the history of this major Monastery, classified as one of the most important National Monuments.

Ana Cristina Pais é uma das convidadas participantes nesta acção e responsável pela visita guiada ao Mosteiro antes da acção performativa Cozinhando na Paisagem. É formada em História de Arte pela Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa e desempenha funções como Técnica Superior na Direcção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo, sendo responsável pela área de coordenação de Museus. Desenvolve também programação de actividades culturais e organização de serviço educativo.

Teresa Matos Fernandes will also be present as a guest participant. PhD in Biology, whose research area is the biology of the human skeleton. Assistant Professor at the University of Évora, has a vast experience in practical archeology, which includes participation in archaeological excavations of ancient burial grounds (including Flor da Rosa), and laboratory research to rebuild the livelihoods of the past populations, in particular their eating habits and health conditions.  

The monastery of Santa Maria Flor da Rosa
This monastery is located in Portalegre district, Municipality of Crato. It belongs to the typology of religious and military architecture since it is at the same time as a fortress and church, a mystical union between prayer and combat life and is one of the most important national Gothic monuments – it has, in addition to its architecture, a huge symbolic, as it was designed as a church, monastery and palace, headquarters of the Order’s Hospital in our country on its way towards the South.

Cooking in the Landscape is a performative action about historical and archaeological sites. A culinary show that takes place in locations with landscape in the background, addressing issues that place the food of each epoch and relates it with the eating habits of contemporary society.
In each historical site, an improvised infrastructure is set where the artist, together with researchers of each monument, develops a performative action in a Talk Show format, live cooking broadcast on the Internet, assuming the physical and virtual public as participants in the artistic creation process.
Starting with a menu inspired by the lines between History and Archeology, the unique characteristics of each site are considered, and the Landscape, Heritage and Social Factors are valued. Each session is preceded by a spoken tour to the site, developed in collaboration with the entities responsible for each historic site.
All sessions are broadcast live (, resulting in a series of virtual landscapes stored on the PALATO channel (in, which are the focus of the ongoing artistic investigation.

Comming confirmed actions:
Olhão Markets (Olhão Municipality) – 6th of September
Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Vila do Bispo Municipality) – 18th of October

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Artistic coordenator: Jorge Rocha
Scientific coordinator: Elena Morán
Production: Carmo Serpa
Communication: Luísa Rosa Baptista
Photography: Ricardo Soares

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