by Jorge Rocha with participation of Alexandra Pires and Soraia Martins
22nd of August 2015

When: 22nd of August at 6.30 p.m
Where: Salir Castle – Loulé Municipality
Guided Tour: 6.00 p.m – meeting point at Pólo Museológico de Salir
Invited Researhers: Alexandra Pires – Archeologist and Senior Technicianat Loulé Museum and Soraia Martins – Cultural heritage and Technician at Loulé Museum
Organized by: Rizoma Lab and Museu Municipal de Loulé

Cooking in Landscape heads to Salir to perform another performative action from 2015 series. In the 22nd of August, the landscape will be in the one that surrounds the Castle of Salir – Municipality of Loulé, at 6:30 p.m. Before there will be a guided tour (6.00 p.m) starting from the Pólo Museológico de Salir.

The culinary action will be focused on the time which the monument reports – 12th and 13th centurys – Islamic Period. With the participation of the Castle researchers – Alexandra Pires and Soraia Martins, the making of menu will be inspired from both data and traces collected on the eating habits of then surrounding population. The investigations revealed a very dense urban tissue with houses structures and streets. The houses had several compartments with different functions – kitchens, living rooms, yards and food storage sites. The kitchens had an area of ​​food preparation, having a fireplace comprising a base of ceramic fragments. They found numerous kitchen utensils among from which the pots stand out. The menu will only be revealed at the time, but it will be a bridge between the present and the past and with Islamic and Mediterranean influences.

Alexandra Pires will be one of the invited participants since she takes functions as Archeologist at the Museum of Loulé since 2008. Has a Degree in History, Archaeology variant from the University of Lisbon. Performs functions in the fields of archeology and heritage education. After several years of exclusive dedication to the field of archeology, especially the Islamic period, she begans to be interested in the cultural mediation and non-formal education in museum context. She is responsible for the educational service of the Municipal Museum of Loulé since 2013.

Soraia Martins will also be a participant, as she made a dissertation, entitled “Study of Archeofauna of Salir Castle (Loulé). Contribution to the knowledge of the Islamic diet “, with the purpose of knowing the diet of the population of that archaeological site. Degree in Cultural Heritage and Master in Archaeology from the University of Algarve. Performs functions in the Municipal Museum of Loulé since October 2014.

The importance of Salir’s Castle
Conquered from the Moors between 1248 and 1249, the Castle of Salir was part of a regional defense system, located on a hill that overcomes the surrounding area, mainly the southern part of Serra do Caldeirão. Inside, the Castle walls house an important settlement.
It was in Salir that the king’s army met with the army of D. Paio Peres Correia (commander of the Ordem de Santiago troops), since this town was located ina strategic place – the center of the Algarve region, between the mountains and the coast, a place of confluence of ancient roads.
This military site starts to lose importance after the Christian conquest.
Currently, in the museum area, it’s possible to see the ruins of the houses, with the storage silos hollowed in the limestone, the streets and the sewer.
In order to apreciate the ruins, a small museum was opened in 2002 where is possible to see some of the archeological finds collected during the excavation works.

Cooking in the Landscape is a performative action about historical and archaeological sites. A culinary show that takes place in locations with landscape in the background, addressing issues that place the food of each epoch and relates it with the eating habits of contemporary society.
In each historical site, an improvised infrastructure is set where the artist, together with researchers of each monument, develops a performative action in a Talk Show format, live cooking broadcast on the Internet, assuming the physical and virtual public as participants in the artistic creation process.
Starting with a menu inspired by the lines between History and Archeology, the unique characteristics of each site are considered, and the Landscape, Heritage and Social Factors are valued. Each session is preceded by a spoken tour to the site, developed in collaboration with the entities responsible for each historic site.
All sessions are broadcast live (, resulting in a series of virtual landscapes stored on the PALATO channel (in, which are the focus of the ongoing artistic investigation.

Comming confirmed actions:
Monte Molião (Lagos Municipality) – 26th of August
Santa Maria de Flor de Rosa Monastery (Crato Municipality – Alentejo) – 29th of August
Olhão Markets (Olhão Municipality) – 6th of September
Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Vila do Bispo Municipality) – 18th of October

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PALATO team:
Artistic coordenator: Jorge Rocha
Scientific coordinator: Elena Morán
Production: Carmo Serpa
Communication: Luísa Rosa Baptista
Photography: Ricardo Soares

Museu Municipal de Loulé Team:
Director: Dália Paulo
Museologist Coordinator: Ana Rosa Sousa
Archeologists: Alexandra Pires, Soraia Martins, Isabel Luzia

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Live broadcast:
More details or by e-mail
Phone contacts: Carmo Serpa – 964735536 (Production)
Luisa Baptista – 966803707 (Press)

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