Cooking in the Landscape was in Tavira

It was very hot in Tavira this Sunday, July 5th.
Early in the morning on the banks of  Gilão River, the Palato team starts preparing for another action of Cooking in the Landscape, this time with the Castle and the town houses in the background. On the arrival, the tide was low and rose up throughout the day while the preparations were being made. People passing by, of various nationalities, asked what it was going on and returned at the event time. Tests done, table set, at 7p.m the culinary smells quickly began to invade Street Borda d’Asseca doing mouth-watering to about 40 people who came to watch. At the same time, the archaeologist and researcher Jaquelina Covaneiro, was watering the mind as she documented in detail the historical background of food and traditions inherited from the Islamic period and connected to the Mediterranean Diet.
The artist and mentor of this project, Jorge Rocha, led the performative action developing a unique and original menu:

Chícharos Humus
Migas with Garlic and Purslane
Tuna Rice with mixture of spices
Pork with granaatappel melasse sauce

The interested public commented and questioned the making of the recipes while another public was following and commenting online through streaming transmission by platform.
At the end the banks were again empty and the moon was already high when the team left Tavira. A Mediterranean warmth was still on the banks of the River Gilão.

You can watch the video here:

Performance by Jorge Rocha
Tavira, 5th July – 7 p.m
Guided tour by Jaquelina Covaneiro – 6.30 p.m, meeting point at Palácio da Galeria
Within the XI “Cenas de Rua” – Festival Internacional de Teatro e Artes de Rua de Tavira (International Festival of Theatre and Street Performative Arts i Tavira)
Partnership with Tavira Municipality and Baixa de Tavira.
Supported by: Direccao Regional de Cultura do Algarve, LAC and Quintas das Seis Marias.
Media Partner: Sul Informação
Organized by: Rizoma Lab

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