Cooking in the Landscape in the Paleolithic Rockshelter of Vale de Boi received 150 people.

Fotografias © Ricardo Soares

On last Sunday, August 16th the weather waskind of weird- the clouds were gray and the wind was unstable and insistent but not enough to prevent about 150 people of all ages to come together for Cooking on the Landscape in the Paleolithic Rockshelter in Vale de Boi!

The first group arrived and accompanied the teacher and archaeologist Nuno Ferreira Bicho, responsible for the all the site investigations, in a guided tour to the excavations while at the site of action – the churchyard of the Church of S. Lourenço, more people were starting to accommodate in the available places.

Around 18:30 and before a large audience, Jorge Rocha gets its culinary action started, with the participation of the archaeologist Nuno Ferreira Bicho and the local nature guide Ana Carla Cabrita, also co-author of the flora guide book “200 Plants Alentejo SW & Costa Vicentina “. Both contributed with their knowledge of the area in terms of flora and of the food culture that our distant ancestors had during the occupation of this area.

It should be noted that this was not a historical recreation as it is not the purpose of the project Cooking in the Landscape, but rather an inspiration whose base is the investigations made on the spot with the support of specialists and technicians from the fields of archeology, history and other sciences related.

The menu of this action in Vale de Boi was, this way, chosen: limpets and barnacles, rabbit and wild boar with aromas and accompaniments such as “medronho”, beer, mushrooms and blackberries, “camarinhas”, fennel, asparagus and artichokes, thyme, pennyroyal, rosemary and leek – a tribute to our history of hunter-gatherers!

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