Cooking in the Landscape took place in Aljezur Castle

Coocking in the Landscape, Jorge Rocha’s performative action took place last August 31 in Aljezur Castle, with the participation of Natércia Magalhães (historian) and Silvina Silverio (archaeologist), who helped to understand the gastronomic issues related to that monument.

The session took place inside the Castle and Jorge Rocha together with their guests, cooked for about 1h:20m to an interested audience, which in the end challenged them with different questions.

In a speech focused on the Islamic occupation in the Algarve and its relation to the Aljezur Castle edification, they cooked different recipes that help us to understand some features that still remain in food, culture and social habits in that region.

Here is a set of photographs by Ricardo Soares / PhotoArch and you can also watch the video (in portuguese) available on Channel Palato.


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