Our table consists mainly of Artists, Designers, Historians, Archaeologists and Awesome Cooks, counting on, case by case, with the collaboration of various researchers who bring us fresh air and recipes that we apply.

The first cauldron went on the fire by the hands of Jorge Rocha, Elena Moran and Carmo Serpa, with the scientific support of Rui Parreira and photography by Ricardo Soares.

Beyond this initial core, in the activities already developed, worked Isabel Soares, João Pedro Bernardes, Rui Loureiro, Silvina Silvério, Natércia Magalhães, Francisco Lameira and Gonçalo Duarte Gomes.

In the virtual space we also count with the participation of Maria Manuel Valagão, Marta Santos and Tiago Daniel Mota.

We keep the door open to new diners who want to join this table, simply by using our contact e-mail and telling us a story full of flavors.

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