Salir Castle received Cooking in Landscape

Salir: from the top of the hill its possible to see the entire landscape around. One can understand with the eyes and there in the place as our ancestors would have thought when they found this strategic place for military defense. And when we say ancestors of course that encompasses both the Arab side as the Christian side. And it is assumed that both in the language and in the culture that influence is still alive – here gastronomically speaking – the heritage is sensitive to the palate: the introduction of citrus fruits in the diet – lemon and orange – both for direct consumption and the manufacture of meals. Then there are the almonds, the figs and the dates. All sweetened by the warm and sunny climate of the Algarve, where time and the sun are partners in determining the flavors and textures. So was also like on the menu of this action in Salir:
Fried chicken with orange sauce and fresh basil
Partridge rice with dates, coriander and lemon peel in braised carrots, lentils and onion
Grouper stew with courgettes in goat’s milk, with lentils and lemon
The audience participated with questions, both on site as those who followed online through the live broadcast on page. Occasionally the archeologists of Loulé Municipal Museum were doing their historical and cultural assessments and answering questions while helping the menu making – after having conducted a guided visit to the site.
Also noted the presence of local producers with craft, agriculture and aromatic and ornamental plants.

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